The Page 49 Podcast – Star Trek The Books

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page 49 star trek the books cover

This is the first on many Star Trek themed podcasts to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

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Doing What I Said I Would Do.

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One of the things I can take away from being laid off from the library are two things: Running and training for a 1/2 marathon and something I said during one of my library interviews. One of the questions posed to me during the interview was about if the internet was down, how would I be able to do my job? As I answered the question with multiple options, everything mentioned, would come back to me one day when our library system was out.

  1. First breakout the DDC hardcover editions. While I may know 741.5 for Graphic Novel or 641 for Cooking or 000 for Computer Science off the top of my head, Dewey Decimal System is not something can fully remembered. Hence why I would refer to these books to know where in the library the subjects are located.
  2. I would also breakout my phone to use my internet access. If the library’s site is down, I would use another county’s website or to find the subjects the books fall under and then check the stacks.
  3. While on the internet on my phone, I would look up options for other places for patrons to go to if they need computer and internet access.

While it took several years for this to come to fruition, everything that I mentioned above was exactly what I did. The library’s network had to go down for repairs which gave no computer or internet access to the patrons. I helped out my co-worker by breaking out the DDC who was helping a patron. We had also used our phones to use to help find where materials and recommended several options to go to another library that is not connected to our system as well as information about going to the University of Miami’s library.

This may not seem like a big deal but it’s nice to know that if I say something is because I believe and can back it up with action.

‘Nuff said.


Page 49: The Podcast

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WTF!?! (What the frell!?!) The Page 49 Podcast was born due to being a librarian. As much as I love all things scifi, I have a great interest in many other things that I want to talk about. On occasion, I might make some scifi references but the subtle ones will mark you as a uber geek. So, if a listen to my new show and let me know what you think. Hopefully, you will love what I have to say. Enjoy! (PS – there will be a separate feed for the show to subscribe in the future.)

The Page 49 Podcast – Librarians v Batman and Superman

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page 49 - librarians v batman and superman cover

For the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Page 49 Podcast invited Josh from the Librarians Assemble Podcast and David from the Beers, Bros and BS podcast to discuss, from a librarians’ point of view, these two iconic DC heroes.

FYI – This podcast is Part 1 of a 3 part series. Part 2 and 3 will be done on The Monster Scifi Show Podcast. Stay tuned.

Where Have I Been Lately?

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That’s a real good question to ask. Not to say, that you, the reader of this blog entry asked this question but rather, I’ve been away from this blog for some time. Like with the many balls that I’m juggling, plus two of my own, I’ve tried to refocus myself by myself. I’ve taken a two week break from podcasting due to other commitments. I must say, I do miss recording my show only because I really enjoy the process; more on that later.

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The Page 49 Podcast – YOUmedia

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Click here for the direct download

Welcome to 2016 and episode number three of my library podcast – Page 49.

For this episode, I have two guests Colin and Jameliya from YOUmedia. They are part of a special and unique teen component in the South Dade Regional Library.

What is YOUmedia? That my friends is why you should listen to my podcast.

I have a problem

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Yesterday was my first day at my new branch. Like my last branch, this a regional library but bigger than my assignment on the beach. Before coming, I spoke with the branch manager who moved me in the YA (Young Adults) department because of my strong interests. Since I’ve done many self-directed projects to manage the section over the years, I know what worked and what didn’t at my old branch but after looking at my section first hand, I have a problem; actually two problems.


Alright, this first picture gives you a sense of what the YA section looks like. This place is on the first floor with the circulation desk off to the left. The first large bay has YA Fiction hardcovers in the beginning and trade paperbacks at the end. Past the pink door, the smaller bay are Classics. The connecting bay is YA Non Fiction. The pillar that has the clock, there is a plexiglass rack in the right which you can slightly make out and a cart with anime dvds. There’s not much in the way of signage although there is one off camera and right above the picture. There is no furniture. I want to say there will be something there but I just don’t know. That’s problem one.


This next shot, continuing with the pan to the right, the last bay has all the YA mangas. On the right side of the picture, is problem two. Behold, what mystery lies behind these clear doors?

IMG_1713YouMedia is being created which is wonderful and creative space for teens to have fun and explore. They will have gaming, Mac computers and in the far background, the bay window next to the left door, is a recording booth, I assume. Yes, I am lucky to have this problem but I am competing within my own library. Plus, YouMedia will not always be open because of school hours. When it does open, there will be a limit to the amount of teens that will be there. However, what about the overflow, if any?

I need to make plans within plans to make this YA section work. I am currently withdrawing books from the section because of the space limitation. In my head, I’m thinking that the problem with the space limitations is because nothing is getting checked out. There are no catchy book displays to grab your attention and frankly; the space does not look inviting. Once I get through this week and print up some inventory reports, I’ll begin making some plans and document them along the way.


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