Back to School

rodney back to schoolHaving taken off most of this year from school off, I am actually looking forward to push myself even harder than before.

First, I plan to write more on my Page 49 blog about my goings on with my classes at USF. I’ve done blogs before and they have really helped me to retain a great deal of information from learning. Perhaps, I’ll thrown in a podcast or two from the road as a way to keep me sane through the long stretches through the Everglades.

Second, this blog will also serve as a way to flesh out my ideas with programs I want to do in 2010 when I start my next rotation in YA. Before I transferred to my current branch, my old branch had me starting YA programming which I was more than comfortable in doing them from book discussions to creating your own comics.

Lastly, I’ve really been neglecting this blog for far too long. However, in the next coming weeks, I and the rest of the county library staff will soon learn their fate as to the proposed budget cuts in store for Miami Dade County. The date is looming closer but right now, I have to focus on the task on hand, day by day, week by week, and month by month; fingers crossed

To begin, I am planning on taking three classes this fall semester:

  • LIS5937.733F09: Youth Serv in Pub Libraries
  • LIS6409.731F09: Intro to Library Admin
  • LIS6565.721F09: Books/Rel Mat Young Adults

The first two classes has a face to face meeting up in Tampa which I am looking forward since I did a lot of traveling last year. The Book for YA class is something I am sort of worried about due to the amount of reading I need to do which is 24 books. This is not to say the other classes will be easy but I need to really speed up my reading game to get through all the reading assignments from 5 different texts.

Aside from all this, I am looking forward to buying BSG season 4 soundtrack. I’ve been just listening to the samples over at Best Buy and La La Land Records and I have to get it NOW!!!!  You have no idea how fantastic is sounds to me. Oddly enough, every trip up to Tampa, I have bought each season of BSG’s soundtrack at the exact same Borders on N. Dale Mabry. Of course, I want to keep up the tradition but the CD may not be up there when I drive up but we’ll see.


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