Reframing Organizations Chapter 2

Reframing 4th cover

Chapter 2

We start off with this chapter 2 with details about 9/11 and the terrorist highjackers. Without going into detail, Bolman and Deal end with the notion that 19 young men were able to outwit America’s homeland defense system. They compared this event to other tragic events such as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Hurricane Katrina for New Orleans. While I would agree human error caused the latter disasters, I would not equate the 9/11 events to be on the same level. However, reading over again, I misread. During the events of 9/11 where 2 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the planes were heading in the wrong direction. The FAA could not update NORAD in their findings.There was also a matter not covered in the book where the police and fireworkers could not communicate and co-ordinate their efforts using the same radio channel. And still to date, I don’t believe this problem has been resolved either.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “That a thing should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. Bolman and Deal explain that there are three misleading, oversimplied one size fits all concepts. They go to say that the first and most common is blaming people. In a previous entry, I discussed the possible budget cuts whereby I and others may lose their jobs. Earlier this week, the county Mayor gave raises to his staff and yet he is calling for staff reduction and in pay for county employees. As I have pointed out to others, if this had been monies already set aside prior to this budget shortfall, I understand but the time really sucks. He is now the lightning rod of many employees raw emotions. Yes, we need someone to blame but the larger issue is people voted a Strong Mayor and lesser property taxes. We have given the government we asked for and should not be blaming just one person. To prevent this from happening, voters need to read more about the initiatives they are voting for in the future.

Next error in judgement is to blame the bureaucracy. I have been with organizations where rules almost did not exist as well as others where the rule of law was almost punishable by death. With the library, I have noticed the bureaucracy that I am still amazed anything gets done. The minute one goes around the redtape, you are told to snap back in line. Our Facebook page is a giant milestone were taken and would have been impressive two years ago. However, the content on the site has not been updated which defeats the point of having a social network. Since I am not part of the administration, the ball is their proverbial court; which means nothing will happen.

The last error is the thirsting for power. This last point is not really clear to me with the examples they used with Enron and the various agencies wanting their share of federal resources after 9/11. However,  going back to a previous job experience where you had to deal with quotas; not everyone worked on the same page and those left behind were simply cut from their positions.


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