Information Architecture – Polar Bear

Nearing the completion of my library degree, I am taking Information Architecture. Most of these entries will be from the polar bear book. So the first thing that came to mind about reading from the polar bear book was the polar bear from the tv series Lost as seen above. However, the real book is the one pictured below. This then begs the question: what is Information Architecture? Well, over the course of the semester, I will write down my thoughts on the subject through my readings and other related items I read along the way.

One of the things I found interesting was the role of an information architect.  Simon’s weekly lesson quoted the authors from the book above,  the role of the information architect, ” Clarify the mission and vision for the [service], balancing the needs of its sponsoring organization and the needs of its audiences.” This got me thinking, is a webmaster not an information architect anyway?

Right from the beginning, the text mentioned, “Some web sites provide logical structures that help us find answers and complete tasks. Others lack any intelligible organization and frustrate our attempts to navigate through them.” When compared to the earlier statement, not all webmasters are information architects. There is more than just knowing codes or having a flashy site. Users have to be the focus and the information online should match their needs. For example, in Scott’s earlier class,  when creating a web site, the needed or desired information should be no more than 3 clicks away. With that in mind, I practiced on my library’s website for the 3 click rule. For the most part,  the site remained with the 3 click rule. However, as far as organization of the information that is another matter. As I am familiar with the site and visit the several times a day, I know what and where to look for information. For a normal patron, the site can always be improved.


~ by The Monster on February 1, 2010.

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