Looks like you need a Hugin your life.

Yes, it has been awhile since I last wrote; I blame Life. I’m trying to stay self-educated and self motivated for that one day when I get tapped on the shoulder to present some free tech apps teens and librarians could use. One such freeware program I found is called Hugin.

I long for my early photography days in high school where I used to develop real film from my 35mm camera. Today, the digital format is now the standard but I want to get more bang for the buck from the 3G iPhone camera. Hugin is an amazing piece of software.

The above pic is one that I took recently of my library before opening. If I remember the picture consisted of 5 to 7 pictures from left to right. I opened up the Hugin program, uploaded the pictures and it will give you a preview panoramic picture. While the first preview looks less impressive when you give it a whirl, you will be more impressed when you allow the program to do its magic all the way through; hence the picture above.

I have a lot more practice ahead of me using this program for even more cooler effects but I can see this being a free and easy library program for young adults. The only downside is downloading the software which I can not do on our public computers. Users will need to bring their own laptops or just bring your own for a demonstration purposes. I’ll post more pictures later as time passes using Hugin.

Here is an update as of 2/24/2011:


~ by The Monster on January 27, 2011.

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