News from the homefront…

In the early part of 2011, I received word about my “temp” transfer to another library branch. I called it, Reassignment: Deep Space Nine. Since I last wrote this piece on my other blog, a couple of things have popped up that does bring me some concern.

My wife and I were both being transferred at the same time to other branches. However, there was an incident where my wife witness someone shooting a gun outside her branch. The impact didn’t hit us until a few days later where we discussed her putting in for another reassignment to a branch closer to home. Well, that worked out fine because now she is at my old branch. I had thought for certain that I would not be able to come back. HR assured me that as long as I was not in the same department and her supervisor, this would not be an issue. Except, I’m not sure I want to work with my wife at the same branch. This an entry for another time.

The next topic has to do with the current recall election of the Mayor of Miami-Dade county, Carlos Alvarez. Without getting too much into details, the mayor had promised not to raise property taxes and yet he did. Property taxes goes to pay for county services which my library system is a part of. On the one hand, the higher cost would kill what little money we have from week to week and yet, without the higher taxes, services would have to be cut or reduced which means I could lose my, my wife’s, or both of our library positions. This reeks of a catch-22; we are damned either way.

Lastly, despite all this and my lack of sleep to open up my library bright and early for elections this past week, I got an email from one of my teens from my Anime/Manga library program yesterday. Before I get to the email, I wanted to give you some background information. September 2010, I was given the full opportunity to run the YA department independent from the reference supervisor. To be blunt, when you have someone who stands in your way and offers little to no support in your efforts, it was nice to feel validated when that hindrance was removed. As such, my teen programs were well received and attendance was improved. However, when the new year began, I learned of my reassignment. I truly felt that all the hard work I committed myself would be for nothing. This not to say that the librarian after me would not do a great job but when I was in YA, I was in my element. My time at the new branch has not been thrilling nor fun but I do keep myself busy making lots of origami creatures. Below is the mail:

Hey, it’s GXXXXX (a.k.a.: GXXX) from the ex-club! We ALL mis you & AXXXXX & our old club… There’s only been 1 meeting lately (last month). And the person in charge doesn’t know how to run the club so YXXXX & I had to help! 🙂 And we watched Case Closed (the Baker Street one) again. (:
Which branch did you get sent to? Hows it been? & hows AXXXXX?
Reply if you can,
[And if you want to talk to LXXXX she’s curious about how its been for you too!]
We miss OUR club, but que sera sera… That’s life… Hope all is well! :3
So, how is that for vindication?

~ by The Monster on March 3, 2011.

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