Legal threat after bootleg prompts change at library — Des Plaines news, photos and events —

After reading this article, there is still a great deal of information that is missing to make up my mind on this issue. In no way am I taking the side of either party but there are a few things that bother me.

  1. Most libraries leave their wifi signal on 24/7. When did this download take place? No that it matters but during the day, when there is the most internet traffic, the bandwidth drops significantly. Most peer to peer (p2p) networks can take several hours to download and upload files on a good day. I believe someone who does this would have to leave the computer running overnight. Libraries are not ideal places to do this type of computer usage. I just find it hard to believe would happen in the first place.
  2. A wifi signal can bleed over to neighboring community, who is to say that the download was even a patron of the library.
  3. If the movie producer identified and went after 5,000 “Joes” who downloaded the Hurt Locker, why is that person who committed the act not sued?
  4. As with many filters, libraries filter out many adult content and many p2p networks. There are download apps one could add to their browser and download content without using p2p. What else can libraries do to reduce being threaten in a lawsuit? Does anyone remember when IPs were going to be on the hook for what their customers did? Why not go after them and not the library?
  5. Content providers have to protect their works; agreed. Piracy is a threat and unlike the defeat of Napster, p2p networks still exist today. There needs to be a better way to deal with this situation rather than just legal saber-rattling the consumer. Take a look at this one deal with The Pirate Bay and Distracted Media and their approach to make The Tunnel free to all.

Legal threat after bootleg prompts change at library

By Jennifer Delgado TribLocal reporter Yesterday at 1:10 p.m.

The Des Plaines Public Library is changing its wi-fi policy after being threatened with a federal lawsuit because a patron used its internet to bootleg an Academy Award-winning movie.

The new policy hasn’t been crafted yet, but those caught illegally downloading will most likely be banned from the library and from using its services for a certain amount of time, said Library Director Holly Sorenson.

“If this happened several times in a row, the response would have been sterner,” Sorenson said, adding there apparently was one download by somebody who can’t be tracked. “We felt this was a conservative approach.”

The lawsuit is part of a nationwide crackdown stemming from last year when producers of the 2010 best picture Oscar winner ‘The Hurt Locker’ went after 5,000 “John Doe” defendants accused of piracy identified by their IP addresses.

via Legal threat after bootleg prompts change at library — Des Plaines news, photos and events —


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