Using the Living Dead To Teach Information Literacy

Who say that going to a library has to be boring especially when one has to do research using the horrible dewey decimal system? Talk about the living dead trying to look for information. This type of classification is not user-friendly but there still needs to be a system in place nonetheless. This tutorial really delivers the point on how research is done and where to find information. Since this is geared towards an academic library, a public library can easily use the same information for their patrons. Since using zombies is one way of delivering information, can you think of another? I can think of several genre which this could be used in the same way.

If you want to read the actual comic, click here to get a copy.

Using the Living Dead To Teach Information Literacy

By Michael Kelley Mar 30, 2011

The staff at McPherson College‘s Miller Library in Kansas has come up with a unique information literacy tool: zombie attack.

The library has just released an online 23-page library guide in graphic novel format called Library of the Living Dead that features students taking cover in the library from zombies run amok on campus, and the flight to safety becomes a point of departure for a blood-stained lesson, replete with decapitations, in the Dewey Decimal system and other library tools.

Matt Upson, the director of library services, is the sole librarian at Miller, and he realized last fall that he and his small staff were spending a lot of time answering basic questions about library use.

“We don’t have any standardized information literacy requirements, and we don’t have the manpower to address those needs on a traditional basis, such as going to freshman seminar courses,” he told LJ. “We found a lot of students coming in as freshmen just don’t have the info literacy you would expect, but opening the door for them by providing this comic, by presenting the library and librarians in a unique way, by shifting the students’ mindset and feeding them the info in this one-shot resource, it’s hopefully going to relieve us of some of our burden,” Upson said.

via Using the Living Dead To Teach Information Literacy.


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