Here We Go Again…. But Seriously

The religious mantra “all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again” as heard on Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica could not be a more apt quote for the latest round of county budget cuts geared towards the library.  Exactly two years to the date, I wrote about library cutbacks here in Miami. Click here to read the earlier blog entry. Each year from 2009, there was the feeling of the end was nigh and yet we are still here. There were some cuts in salary and employees, namely pages were let go but most were shortly hired back. So, is this go around any different from the past two years? Yes. Just like the Cylons, there is a plan.

Late Wednesday night,  the Miami Herald reported about the proposed budget from the newly elected Mayor Gimenez. 13 branches out of 49 total branches were on the chopping block. This has never happened before. Sure there were talks about reduction of staff, library hours, supplies and material budgets but there has never been a list of real branches to close. Unfortunately, my branch is on that list.

I will not lie about being worried. I will not pretend that this will all go away. However, I will not stop writing about this situation. I strongly feel that I have to do this for a reason. I do see myself progressing past this point in my life. How I get there, I don’t know…yet. Hope you follow along for the next two months as I plan to write about what is happening from the inside of a potential and very real library closure.


~ by The Monster on July 16, 2011.

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