U Fired. No U Fired. Laughing At Being Fired.

Now comes the month of September where the proverbial shit the proverbial fan. Counting down the days till September 22, the new budget county has to be finalized. Those who follow this blog will note the certainty I feel about losing my position with the library. There is no upside or a hint of possibilities that there will be a reprisal. There is none and for that matter, it can only get worse; I pray for the former not the latter.

This past week, hitting an extra nail on the coffin, I attended what might be my last network meeting with the current Intern and Trainees for the Librarian 1 position. The first thing mentioned from someone from the admin department, we will not only be the first to be let go but we will not even be on a recall list. This really deflated me. I felt like Luke Skywalker after he discovered the remains of his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Luke told Ben, “There’s nothing here for me now.” I was willing to wait this out until the end with the benefit to be called back from that recall list. Now, there is nothing for me. Except for one more outreach, I am here unmotivated to do more at my job. I have to start my disconnection from what I do and the people I work with. I need to start looking for work much sooner than later. With the latest news of zero jobs growth, what is left to do? Laugh of course because it is better than crying or getting mad.

On the way to work, NPR had a piece that talked about humor after 9/11. Now, by all means, I am not saying that 9/11 is on the same level as being let go during this downturn economy. Rather, there needs to be moments of levity to help ease the burden of what dealing with tough situation and of what is coming ahead. Rather than brooding until the end of October, I need to remember my end days with Cunard Cruise Lines.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I worked for Cunard here in Miami. I had worked for them for almost four years. When the merger between Carnival Cruises, which owns Cunard, and P&O Cruises happened, there was a realignment of the different brands. Cunard moved under P&O’s umbrella and so did our base of operation. What we did not know, until months later, that we would lose all of our jobs. Being in that situation was worse than what I am going through now because the rumor mill was completely out of control. However, once things were confirmed and the time frames in place, I realized that I was sad but it wasn’t the end. As the calls became less, due to being diverted to the new call center in L.A., the mood was surprisingly upbeat up and until the last day. As the final paycheck was being handed out, we were greeted with “U Fired!” Of course, it was done in good nature like the two woodlice – Tuck and Roll from A Bug’s Life. Yes, people were missed and hearts broken but we had our time together. I will move on as well as with everyone else here at the library. I just need to remember that for every action there is an opposite reaction. When I quit or get laid off, I just need to laugh.

(Below is a pic from my last day with Cunard.) 


~ by The Monster on September 3, 2011.

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