Stress, it kill you if you let it!


Ok, I have a cat on me as I am typing this entry on my iPhone. He is keeping me down from going to the refrigerator and getting out my pint of my favorite ice cream as pictured above. This got me thinking about stress.

I was texted by one of my co-workers from a previous branch assignment last night. We texted about the stress about the pending library layoffs. I mentioned about the upcoming web comic and podcast/blog to help me get through the rough times that are coming for me. Not that I am feeling this now but I can’t let the stress bring me down; not this time. Why?

When the Miami office for Cunard was closing my stress levels were really high. As such, I gained weight because I was and still am a stress eater. During my time there, I was able to get down to 170. When I left, I was nearing 200.

Today, there was an email from our Main library which posted the library schedule system wide once the new budget has been finalized. The end is coming very soon as of September 22; the final county budget meeting. I have been dealing with headaches and sleepless nights in addition to the stresses of parenting and finances. Surprisingly, I weighed myself this morning and I was at 184.

I think the difference this time around is that I don’t want to lose control of myself. How I handle myself now was due to hard lessons learned from the past. Since April, I’ve been walking more aggressively whereby I average about 60 miles a day. Now, I still love eating crap but I have great restraint. My hope is that I continue this well past October. My hope for my fellow librarians is for them to find a creative outlet to deal with the gloom and doom. But I will say this, we all still have a job to do today and still need to do it well. When we are let go, that’s when we quit.


~ by The Monster on September 13, 2011.

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