The Line Has Been Drawn… OK, Not Until Monday!

Four days from now, all library staff will know their fate whether they will have a job or not have a job. This image from Battlestar Galactica’s fourth season series finale Daybreak. We find the crew gearing up for battle on last time. Admiral Adama, with Mose like abilities, parted the crowd down the middle. What he asked were two groups to form. One side to rescue Hera from the Cylons and the other have to continue with Galactica. Use the same metaphor on the library staff and we too will look like the picture above very soon. The difference between the two is: choice. The crew of Galactica were asked which side of line they wanted to be and the decision was their own. For the library staff, the choice was never ours but by someone’s process to decide which side to be on.

Honestly, I knew since the beginning of January when Mayor Alvarez was ousted that who ever would be coming in behind him would have to make the cuts that people wanted. I knew my place was not safe but I was of the mind that I would get recalled as time passed. However, I know now, that will not be the case. There will be no recall list for my name to be on. What I will be getting is a one way ticket out.

Yes, it is not official till some time Monday, October 3 but the line has been already drawn.


~ by The Monster on September 29, 2011.

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