Reassignment: USS Yamato

On the eve of my return to for librarian status, I thought it was fitting to continue my posts about my employment status. After several false starts, I officially begin working as a librarian for the Miami Beach Regional Branch. As with the Star Trek ships metaphors, I thought the USS Yamato would be a perfect fit as this regional is both beautiful and massive. (Yes, it will perish some time in the future but not now).  I have thanked my lucky stars that the alignment has graced me with the things I had to do with out. I am back in school, have a new used car, I have run over 12 miles the day before and tomorrow, I will be working…again. Best of all, I am watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on IFC on my inlaws’ 55″ tv and I am totally geeking out. Life is slowly return back to me but I must remember this lesson for the future.


~ by The Monster on November 12, 2012.

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