2 Days to Go!!!

photo (1)Two benefits of working on the beach is being able to run during my lunch and the 2nd is being really close to the Miami Beach Convention Center. Today, I have picked up my racing packet which not only confirms that I will be racing this coming sunday but more importantly, this long-term goal will soon become a reality. While I am extremely excited about achieving something new in my life, I came down with a cold the other day. I was lucky enough to have remained this healthy for so long as everyone else in my family had been ill weeks ago but the timing really sucked. Since the cold is primarily in my head, it has not spread down to my chest. This has been an ongoing problem since I started to train. I can run at varying speeds with a clear chest but if I have congestion, I have to stay at a slower speed as not to aggravate the problem. But, as I cough, it’s clear and not a trace of anything problematic.

Tonight and tomorrow, I looking forward to carb-ing up and see how this will affect me for my run. Also tomorrow, while not a training day, I do need to test out a music app and see how well I can use it for my run. The app I had chosen is called Jog.FM. I heard about this app back in 2011 and wanted to explore the pre-program beats per minute with running. I have seen other which were fine but they sync music based on how fast you are going. What I want and need is my music to keep me up at a certain speed. I am looking at a pace of 10:30/mile and looking to be done in 2 1/2 hours. This may or may not work for me as I am planning on taking a 1 minute walk break every 15 minutes. Regardless, as long as I can finish, I will be extremely happy and proud of what I have been able to do and overcome. Come next year, I am planning on running again for the ING but for the full marathon course. Below, is a video of the racing course but of the full run only. As I mentioned in the earlier entry, this video looks exactly how I had my pre-visual dream.

If you want to track me online for this link: http://www.racemyrace.com/hosted/ingmiami_half.php



~ by The Monster on January 25, 2013.

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