1 Day to Go!!!

Last Tuesday was my last training run and promised myself that was it. The rest of the week, I had to take it easy and work on my stretching and just plain walking. Well, I felt in trouble last saturday and didn’t think much of it. Each night after that I had the worst night of sleep due to my sinuses being inflamed. This got progressively worse until thursday, I had to call out from work. I did manage to get to work on Friday but only because I was feeling cabin fever just the one day plus I had to pick up my runner’s tag. I felt better last night and slept almost completely through without having to prop myself to a sitting position or have a sneezing attack. I woke up really rested and more alert in days and this was before my morning coffee.

Zoom to my lunch and I decided to do about a 30 minute run and test out the Jog.FM app on my phone. I wanted to know what I would be dealing with before my run and I am so glad I did. I read the reviews ahead of time and not all was glowing about Jog. Regardless, I did not see a another app where I could program the time/beats I wanted the song to match. For example, I want to run 10:30 per mile (10 mins. 30 secs.), I programmed this and the songs are played accordingly. The other apps would find music to match the speed that I was running. This is okay but what I notice is my speed will vary and drop off depending how long I was running. I want the opposite and need to keep at a steady beat. The problem with Jog was that every time I opened up the app, it had to scan the music on the phone. Mind you, this is not a long process but it was annoying each time. It wasn’t as if I added new music to my iPhone, I would understand if this was the case but this constant update needs to be corrected.

photoMy next gripe has to do with how the app runs meaning this app has to be on top over all others. Since the iPhone 4S can run multiple apps at the same time, somehow when I run my Nike+ app and Jog together, unless Jog is on top, after the song plays the Nike+ app will pause my workout suddenly. When I put Jog on top, I did not have the same problem except I could not see my running time. While I have a watch, I don’t want to be constantly looking at my watch and/or switching apps during the run to see how far I ran, speed and run time. This is something I will not be fumbling with as this proves to be more of a distraction and a pain in the ass to manage on the fly. At one point, I had to slow down my pace to avoid the wheezing I started to feel in my chest. I did change the pace to 11:00 per mile but again, I had to fumble in the process and not focus at the task at hand or rather under foot. I just think I’ll leave this app for training only. I’ll deal with my own pacing during the race.

In about 12+ hours, I will take my first steps into a much larger world. I am looking forward to completing this challenge and then focusing on finishing my coursework.


~ by The Monster on January 26, 2013.

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