Let me comp the ways…

The end is at hand. I am in the process of working on my comp which is a comprehensive exam. Basically, it’s a research paper. I have decided out of the three topics I have chosen to work on question 1 which is about libraries using Facebook and Twitter. This is a close topic to my heart as my library system has a Facebook page and no Twitter account. There have been some success with Facebook but it is still far from being properly used. Part of the fault lies of the restriction the county places on the library system as we are part of county services. Second, who are we trying to reach and what do we want to convey. I think this part more than the first is a huge barrier. We are comprised of 48 library branches and have a single voice that is clear and consistent is a huge challenge. Lastly, there is a possible upcoming new social media position that looks to be create in the near future. I am hoping that the research I will do can help prepare me for a possible interview.

While I am in day 2 of the paper, I have yet to write a single word. I spent my first day doing research and getting the actual paper in shape with title page, abstract, topic and reference page. I have downloaded more articles than I usually do but I think I have a good start. As for today, I have spent the day catching up on rest and reading some of the articles. I have noticed that I am not good at spending hours and hours on just one thing. Just like my marathon running, when I take breaks between miles or time sessions, I do better. And even when I am not writing, I am still thinking about my topic and mulling over ideas. I can’t wait to get this over and finish my last set of assignments and be done altogether.

It’s not over yet…



~ by The Monster on June 12, 2013.

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