That’s not true. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!!


Let us begin at where I am now. I am working at a library on the beach. This past week, I got to present at a SEFLIN conference on the merits of having podcasts at the library. Friday, I attended my last class for my MLIS degree. So, just as things were going in the right direction, I get word late saturday afternoon of the reversal of the mayor’s millage rate. Going from a slight increase to next year’s collection budget to now having 42 branches closed. This number seems to have been revised to 17 freestanding branches and 10 storefronts. The “emergency managers meeting” ended with no news except to say that the commissioners will have the millage rate set tomorrow. Once this is done, the millage rate can not be raised but rather lowered. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I am again at another crossroad with the library.

This time almost 2 years ago, I attended the SEFLIN conference whereby, I learned about the official layoffs. In early October 2011, I got my separation letter and was unemployed for almost a full year. Last year, I did not have money to attend the SEFLIN conference but a dear colleague paid my way. There I almost had a job with one of the vendors at the conference but I had to turn it down as my car broke down and the trek to Boca Raton became less appealing.

During the same month, a library position opened up and I had to reinterview for it. While I did well and was going to be offered the position but because I was not in library school, the offered had to be rescinded. I did my best to get effort to get back to school but the 1 week time frame to get through the mess was not enough. It would be a couple of more months before I found work and then a few months later, I was back at my old position with the library and on the beach.

Two months ago, I was moved into my desired position of being a young adults librarian. Now, for the third time, it looks to me that I will not have this position for very long. Not that I’m a Debbie Downer but I am beyond frustrated with my library career. The only bright spot is that I will have my degree very soon. Getting another librarian position would be a bit easier though another massive layoff means that I will be competing with my colleagues. I swear to God that I will not be going through shit this again.



~ by The Monster on July 15, 2013.

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