My Ode to the Library ala Firefly

Running this morning before heading off to work, I had this idea about this song about the library using the lyrics from the show Firefly. I think the song fits well with what is going on and how I feel this morning. If anyone can sing and record this, I would love to hear it. Please tweak if you can make it better.

Keep flyin’.

Thank you Melanie for this rendition.

Take my job, take my books

Tell me that I ain’t comin’ back

I don’t care, I’m still free

You can’t take the library from me.

Talk to the patrons we’re going black

Tell them I ain’t comin’ back

Burn the books and hide the keys

You can’t take the library from me.

22 branches is what they say

They’ll never see another day

Lost my soul, lost my dream

You can’t take the library from me.

I feel the books reaching out

I hear its song without a doubt

I still hear and I still see

You can’t take the library from me.

Lost my love, lost my job

Lost the last place I could stand

There’s no other place I can be

Since I’ve found the library


~ by The Monster on July 18, 2013.

5 Responses to “My Ode to the Library ala Firefly”

  1. I like it! Not the fact that you lost your library job, but the song. Good luck!


  2. Reblogged this on The Monster Scifi Show.


  3. So my sister, a librarian, sent me a link to this knowing that I would a) enjoy this a great deal, b) be sad about the library closure, and c) feel compelled to try my hand at recording it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the necessary instrumental skills to really do this justice, and the Firefly theme isn’t at its best a cappella… but I’ve given it a shot a cappella and posted it at


    • Melanie, I am truly touch by what you did. While I am not a song writer or singer, you amazed me. I was brought to tears. I am going to share this with everyone I know. Thank you so much.


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