The night before…

picard 10 forward

Guinan:   Trouble sleeping?
Capt. Picard:   It’s something of a tradition, Guinan – Captain touring the ship before a battle.
Guinan:   Hmm. Before a *hopeless* battle, if I remember the tradition correctly.
Capt. Picard:   Not necessarily. Nelson toured the HMS Victory before Trafalgar.
Guinan:   Yes, but Nelson never returned from Trafalgar, did he?
Capt. Picard:   No, but the battle was won.
Guinan:   Do you expect this battle to be won?
Capt. Picard:   We may yet prevail. That’s a… a conceit. But… it’s a healthy one. I wonder if the Emperor Honorius watching the Visigoths coming over the seventh hill truly realized that the Roman Empire was about to fall. This is just another page in history, isn’t it? Will this be the end of *our* civilization? Turn the page.

Out of a scene from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Best of Both Worlds Part 1,” Picard goes into Ten-Forward the night before the crew of the Enterprise encounters The Borg. Above is a brief snippet of dialogue between Picard and Guinan. I am sure that I will not be sleeping very well tonight but as with all things, being ready can help ease some anxiety.

Over the weekend, late saturday night, I was able to get a rough draft out of my head and my iPad. The opening lines were like an earworm that kept playing over and over. The only remedy is to play out the song or in this case, the speech so as I would get this thing out of my head. However, as I tried to close my eyes, I kept picturing myself saying the words but I still needed to prepare myself further.


I started to look at past webcasts of the Board of County Commissioners Meeting. I did this quick screen capture to know exactly how to prepare in my head where to look and who sits where. From the video, it looked as if the mayor sits on the right of my when I stand but I could be wrong. Still, I can easily adjust the parts of the speech when I need to look at the Mayor on either side.

practiceDuring lunch, I opted not to run and used my library’s auditorium to practice. I think this is a fair mockup. In addition, I recorded myself using the voice memo feature on my iPhone. As with any speech, the more you know about the subject the better you are able to speak and present it. With only two minutes, you need to make every single word count. This will be one of the most important speeches of my life. I plan on doing a couple of more run through between desk shifts and before I head home.

I plan on waking up very early to run. I have found that it does prepare me to have more endurance for tough assignments. This will be a very long day indeed for me as well as others. I just hope, against all hope, to quote Picard, “We may yet prevail. That’s a… a conceit. But… it’s a healthy one.”

Good luck, everyone.


~ by The Monster on September 9, 2013.

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