Around the early part of September, I was mentally and emotionally separating myself from the library and more importantly Young Adults (YA). Up to that point, any special projects that needed to be done was complete. There was nothing further I would do except for shelving. Then of course, after Tuesday’s miracle day, I went to work as normal. I looked at my cart of books that I had to shelve. Along the way, the sun was shining down into my YA section which highlighted the Teen Events & Info board. As you can see, there is nothing there but this sign from above was telling to get back to work; back to what I love.

Flash forward two days later, this morning I saw this image which again, another sign from above but this time a bit more bolder in its message. Yes, I know. I get it. I need to move my ass. I started to think about what to do and for displays, I want nothing but horror all over the YA section. I ordered many titles and dvds now to make sure I had them before October. Which got me think about doing my Blair Witch Stick craft and decorations. (See the pic below.)


I’ve done this activity several years ago and what is great about it is the low-cost to do this. The only thing needed are sticks, string, and maybe some spanish moss for effect. Don’t buy the moss from the art supplies store like Michaels. Just pull them down if you see them out in the woods; besides it’s free.

I’ll keep posting more as things progress.


~ by The Monster on September 13, 2013.

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