Where do we go from here?


On the eve of the last budget hearing, there are still issues to face, discuss and ultimately decide. First off, we have to deal with the fact the mayor can still veto the commissioners decision from last week. If this does not happen, the fiscal year of 2013 – 2014 will be approved and the library will go forward. However, we have to face that fact we have an internal problem. To resolve this problem, there needs to be a conversation, a serious conversation, not just library admins but with everyone involved with the library. If this fails, we have a tough decision ahead.

The grassroots movements happened as a collective effort and as such came together like nothing before. The day after the commissioner decision to fund the library for another year, nothing was said by the library admins. Even earlier this week, when the branch managers had their meeting with the director, there was still nothing said or acknowledge about the collective efforts that saved the library. The top down management style has not been working and we can not still afford to stay on the same course.

This brings me to the last point, where we have to ultimately decide on the future of the library itself. If our director fails to change with the past current events, then I will say I will not have a vote of no confidence. There needs to be a time to have these words discussed openly and without the fear of reprisal. I am not talking about throwing our sabots into the libraries gear works but we spoke up to save something dear to us – the library; we need to keep that momentum going forward.

Please do not take this as some rally cause but rather my admittance to say the emperor has no clothes. If we don’t stand up now, to say, I have an idea to help my library and I want to be heard; then we will have lost everything we fought for and suffered through. We can not afford to wait and this time next year, many of us will probably have left the system and the Mayor will have won in the end.


~ by The Monster on September 18, 2013.

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