Banned Book Week. Hope you didn’t read that.

banned book weekSo today begins Banned Book Week. (Technically yesterday but we were closed.) I had thought about the kind of display I wanted to do this year since now that I have a job going into the next fiscal year. Some times, the best ideas are the ones that are simple and to the point. I was thinking of wrapping each book on this display tree with white paper as to not know the name of the book. Next, I was going to get some tape like don’t cross the line around this display tree to ward of any potential readers. However, I was running out of time before opening and knew today was going to be a time demanding day. That’s when the idea of the display was not to have a display. I got on the computer, whipped up this sign and taped it all around the tree. There, a thing of beauty.

This picture above, I used my instagram account to add some enhancements and labeled it #bannedbookweek. I look through the app for other pictures with the same tag and came across some that were like a police mug shot of teens. Each teen gave a side profile while holding up a banned book or any book for that matter. I love that idea so much that I should use it next year; provided I am still here. Please share your ideas on Banned Book Week,

As I end this blog, I thought having the trailer to Fahrenheit 451 was very proper considering the topic. I have recently seen this film and was captured right at the beginning as the opening credits had no words but was read to us out loud; perfect setup for this movie.

Have fun this week.


~ by The Monster on September 23, 2013.

One Response to “Banned Book Week. Hope you didn’t read that.”

  1. […] the books in brown paper and the other side there were no books – just this sign. Click here if you want to look at that signage. This year, I wanted to scale […]


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