So, I ran a 1/2 marathon… again. What did you last night?

12713 run92613 runThis year has been a lot of firsts for me. I ran my first 1/2 marathon in late January. Having never competed in any runs ever in my life, this first time out is impressive nonetheless. I didn’t want to set any records other than I wanted to finish the race and prove to myself that I could do this. The next day, I decided to sign up again but do the full marathon in 2014.

I have run as much as I can since then. Even with finishing school and dealing with the threat of library closures, which has been averted, I have not pushed myself. I’ve been consistent with 5k and every once in a while a 10k. The struggles I’ve been dealing with is the heat during the day. By the end of a 5k, I am completely wasted. However, at night, I can run farther because of the lack of sun and humidity. I know I can run far but I needed to prove to myself that I was indeed a runner. Last night, I planned to run but I decided to really go for it.

Overall, I am more than pleased with how I ran. However, when I compared my runs together, it’s two completely paces. The first one is more evenly paced but by mile 7, my pace was dropping off. The second, my mile 4.5, I had to make a pit stop and drink some water. I continued to walk and not run just to give myself a relaxing few minutes. My normal pace is a 15 minute run with a 1 minute walk. One of the things I’ve learned is adapting while running. If I find myself struggling to keep up the 15:1 run/walk, then I drop the run and increase the walk. Finding the sweet spot took some time but I was able to adapt in both cases. After mile 9 in the first run, I had to do 3:2 and with the second, I went with 5:2. Towards the end of the races, I was able to gear up and increase my speed. Comparing the two graphs, I increased my speed by mile 12 whereas I was at a higher speed time after mile 9.

Ok, I proved I can run. This doesn’t prove I can run a full marathon. I was able to survive last night’s run better because it was at night. Looking forward, the marathon does take place very early in the morning but the longer I run, the hotter it’s going to be for me. If I were to double my race time, provide I can still maintain myself upright, I am still looking at a marathon run to last any from 5-6 hours. That is something that has to change. I will do more research on how to improve my time as I have about 4 months of training to do.

Also, my iPhone was at 1% towards the end of the race. That’s another issue to talk about later.


~ by The Monster on September 26, 2013.

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