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Normally, I like to share something that I learned or plan to do on my blog; for this blog entry it’s both. Another week as passed since the last budget hearing and this week has had some up and downs but something to look forward to in the coming weeks. As with me, I like to hear the bad things first but in this case, speak about the bad.

As with any unstable environments, we crave stability even if we can’t control all aspects of our lives. For the past several years, the library has gone through some very rough years and it is unrealistic to expect library staff to stick around for another year as many believe, including I, that our situation will be even worst if things are not fixed in the new fiscal year. (Highly unlikey.) As a result, we are losing staff – good and solid people. We are now under a hiring freeze to begin with and with these losses, it is unlikely we will be able to replace them. For the already stretched thin library staff, we are getting even thinner.

However, not all things are doom and gloom. In my personal life, this past Wednesday, I ran over three hours and completed another 1/2 marathon. My daughter got back her FCAT grade scores and she was extremely proficient in her math score that she is one grade higher. Considering how much she struggled last year, she went above and beyond my expectations. As for my son, he has taken up reading to another level. He has also scored high on his tests but I am more impressed that this week he has been reading on his own before going to bed and before going to school all the while not watching tv. Anyone with a seven-year old will know that watching tv or playing videogames is their higher priority than reading pretty much anything. A lot of small personal victories this week and yet, there’s more.

Yesterday was the day that confirmed my duty as a Young Adults (YA) Librarian. After lunch, there was a massive amount of teens hanging around after school that wanted to talk to me. When I mean massive, for me and this branch having five teens is great but there were over 20 teens in my YA area. The leader of this class, Ralph, spoke to me about wanting to do a Dungeons and Dragons club. They wanted to meet every Friday after school to do this. Now imagine the side of my head just exploded because that was what happened to me. I told Ralph about the Dungeons and Dragons player’s handbook, as seen above, I had this in my cubbie desk area just waiting for this day to happen. I was floored that these teens wanted to do this. Alvin or Elvin? was another co-leader who joined in the conversation.

While there is a YA room, for this group, this room would not work out. The room next door is more of a conference room and knew it would fit their needs. I opened the room and showed them in. Mind you, the room can hold up to 25 people and we have two large tables put together, I said to them you can have a guild meeting here; the expression on their face was priceless. We leveled up with excitement with possibilities as we talked and just nerded out. I plugged my YA programs for next month and told them how I wanted to do a mini comic con with cosplay. They were so into this idea and they threw one back at me. They wanted to do something for the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who in November. I have struck YA gold!!!! I had hoped to one day get back to what I loved doing so many years ago. All the years of pain and struggle, both personally and professionally, is about pay off in a huge way.

All the books as picture above will be coming back to my desk. Back in August, all employees were told to clear our desks of all personal effects as we were in a very uncertain state. But now, all that has changed. I can’t wait for next week to begin.


~ by The Monster on September 28, 2013.

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