It’s not an ‘S.’ On my world it means ‘HOPE’.


There comes a time where things start to happen for a reason. Oddly enough, I was not planning on paraphrasing the late Glen Ford as Pa Kent from Richard Donner‘s Superman but it does seem apt for this entry but things do happen for a reason.  We each believe that if we are good that only good things happen. The same can be said for those who do bad. Not to go all metaphysical but I started to believe in something; hope.

Take for example the library budget cuts that I had talked about in September. I had always stated that the reversing the county commissioners decision on the proposed library reduction in staff and service hours was never going to happen. There are several certainties in this world like death and taxes that you will never overcome but saving the library system for certain doom… that’s the stuff of songs and legends.

Flash forward, today, I was running very early in the morning. I had a bit of a struggle during the first mile as I really need to take care of business due to my caffeine in take. Needless to say, nothing was open and I was far from home. About 1.6 miles in to my run, I noticed a dog following a biker crossing a major intersection. The dog was not on a leash which pissed me off to begin with but more importantly, it was about to be run over. I got the dog out of the street but then I had a new problem. What to do with the dog?

This dog was a german shepherd and later found out that she was about less than a year old. She looked healthy except for the panting she was doing. I was hoping that by walking back to the same road in the opposite direction something would happen like the owner showing up or the dog gets back into its yard; neither happened. Having to walk back home with the dog for almost two miles my nerves on edge as I had no leash to control her. Every once in a while, she would get spooked by the other dogs and then I would have to go chase her down praying along the way the she would stay off the streets. Eventually, I made it home and put her in the backyard to give her food and water. And yet, there’s more.

One of many outside cats my family and I take care of, decided to raise her three kittens in the same backyard. I had to be the buffer the between the cats and the new found dog. About an hour later, I took the dog to the vet to see if they could scan her for a microchip and no such luck. My only other option was to go and take her to the animal shelter. I had no other options.

I got to the shelter before 10am and waited to get the dog to be admitted. The attendant briefly talked to me about the dog. He asked if the dog was mine. I told him that I found her during my run in the morning. The reason why he asked was due to my answer, I had to fill out a certain piece of paperwork. If I went ahead about turned over the shepherd as being found, the window of adoption would be only five days; in other words being put down after that. If I said I owned the dog even for a couple of days, I would give up the owner’s rights but the this dog and others would be transferred to a shelter in the Carolina (not sure North or South) where they would not be put down. This was what I was going to do but as I was filling out the paperwork, there was a woman who was playing with the dog I found. She was there to release the remains for her dog. Her dog has passed away and she was telling my how much she always wanted to have a German Shepherd. She basically wanted to adopt her right on the spot. You have no idea how much this was meant to be. So what does this have to do with the Superman logo?

Both times, I wore my favorite Superman tshirt. During the Commissioner’s meeting I wore it under my dress shirt. I did it for  geeky-ness, self confidence and for the hope I never had. As for today, I wore the same the Superman tshirt and it brought me… hope. Yes, it’s very cheesy to say it but it’s not cheesy in believing it. When I saw Man of Steel over the summer, when that line that was said in the movie rang so true to me about the character and I took it as my symbol and my mantra.

I am very close in getting a permanent tattoo of the Superman symbol. I know it may sound out of character but there is always a reason for things to happen. Many moons ago, I thought of a pen name for the one day I would become a famous writer: Michael Hope Fysher. Hell, even the first Star Wars movie was given a subtitle A New Hope. Hope is a pretty powerful thing but the trick is believing in it.



~ by The Monster on October 7, 2013.

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