It’s All About the Doctor.

dr who cubeecraft

This library blog has been quiet for some time. I’ve been quite the busy bee but I am happy to see teens coming back to the library day after day. On Fridays, I have a teen Dungeons and Dragons club that meet after school. They are a great bunch of kids and love their energy and ideas. One of those ideas was to do something for Doctor Who next month which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. As you can see in the picture above is a cubeecraft of Matt Smith in the clothes of David Tennant. There are tons of Doctor Who cubeecraft that I gave a bunch to my teens to work on for my display. In addition, I have ordered anything and everything that the library had for my Doctor display; but that’s not all folks.

Having the freedom of creating displays is something I relish. Relying on my Borders Book Shop days, making book displays was in my blood and making something really cool and eye-catching and with no budget; I love these types of challenges. I have decided to make two Doctor Who icons which are extremely visual and immediately recognizable to any Whovian.

doorphotoThis was the second idea I had but I am going to be talking about it first. If you thought that I was going to make this door into a TARDIS you would correct. However, this door is just one door. There is no ways I can split this door or connect it to the door just off camera right. I am just going to make this a single door panel. Work with what you have and not complain about what you wish you had. Next, I did a small plan of what I want to do to transform the door into the TARDIS.

Let’s start with the top of the door jamb. I will need to create a two tier top with a light on top. Below this, I will have a black strip with white lettering Police Public Call Box. Of course, the Public Call with be stack on each other and in the middle of the signage.

signageTo create this sign, I used MS Publisher. There were three separate documents and then I joined each one with tape on the back. I am trying to avoid using glue or tape in the front. We’ll see how well the sign will hold up with the unreliable A/C.

The next thing I worked on was the 8.5″ x 11″ sign on the door. I only knew a few words when the camera was close enough to read it. This was fairly easy to make as I just made a word document and typed according to the picture. Aside from pasting this sign up, a suggestion was made to age the sign. One of the tricks of aging something was to use used coffee ground. With a paint brush and a bit of water in the grounds, you make stain the picture in a sepia tone. This should be fairly easy and I will make before and after comparison picture as I get to that part of this project.

dr windowThe last thing I worked on was the window treatment. I started out with using just 8.5″ x 11″ white paper. I covered the entire window and there is overlap. There is part of the window where you could see the overlap. Meh.  I next created the window panel with blue-ish construction paper. As you can see, I have to make overlapping strips. I think they are okay but I may have to scrap this plan for another. Option two, instead of using plain white paper, I may opt for white construction paper. I can use the paper outline to map out how to make the white construction paper look cleaner and less overlapping. Option 3, this came to me last night as a suggestion from my wife, painter’s tape can be used to make the window pane and leave the window bare. When the room is being used, the light from inside will create a similar effect and with less effort.

So, I am happy with the results so far. The picture below is just a rough mockup but you can get a sense of where I am going with this project. I will have to work on the first idea which I will do another post in the very near future.

mockup door


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