International Game Day

wii gamesWhere to begin with my day on International Game Day. First, I broke out my X-Box 360 with Kinect with all my games including Rock Band, DJ Hero 2 and Tony Hawk. I’ve had done International Game Day once before and had a huge turn out. Being new to the Miami Beach Regional Library, over 1 year, and less with the YA (Young Adult) position. I’ve started with an Anime and Gaming Teen Club for the past couple of months but very little turnout. Except for my teens who run their own D&D meetings once a week, I would have zero teens in my branch. So, today was the day for me to make some kind of difference – anything.

While the program was scheduled today from 3:30 – 5:30, I started early for any lookie lous. Around 10am, I started to play bowling on the Wii in one part of the teen section and a short time later, a young preteen boy and his dad/grandpa? just happen to see me play. So the kid joined me some Wii Tennis and while I felt confident that I could take him, I lost 2 out of 3 games. Damnit!!!! Still, it was a great game to play and lots of fun.

As he was leaving, he noticed the other room where I had my X-Box setup. Like a moth to ketchup, he couldn’t pass it up. I got him hooked on the X-Box and we played with the Kinect for awhile. I decided to take a breather and the parent and I started having a conversation. This is what library advocacy is all about having a conversation. I talked about the ideas I had for having more programs like making your own videogames, comic books, podcasting and so forth. In that conversation, I mentioned that while we have videogames in the library system, they are limited due to the collection being stolen and damaged. Whatever we have left over, there is always a waitlist. He asked if we take donations of videogames and of course, I said that I would. From that point, I had told them that I had leave for a shift at the reference desk but never got a chance to thank them for coming. I blew it.

After the reference shift, I had lunch but I opened up the room with my X-Box. I had played some Peggle and soon then change to playing Tony Hawk and just then I had two more teens show up. Thanks to my library co-worker, she directed this wayward teens to my room. I am so grateful for this and I got these teen to play for the past hour and still going strong. We talked about the Anime and Gaming events that I have scheduled and felt that now I didn’t blow it. Just then, the two from this morning came back to see me.

The kid that beat me on tennis was kind enough to donate three Wii games for the library. As you can see from the picture above, I am very, very moved by this gesture. So, as any good YA librarian should have set, I had created a goodie bag mangas samplers, a water bottle and a nice backpack. I thanked them both tremendously for their generosity. I also gave my other teens the same goodie bag with the promise of telling their friends and to come back with them. I feel totally awesome and vindicated as a YA Librarian. My ego needed some attention and got it in a great way.

Today was a good day to be a librarian. ‘Nuff said.


~ by The Monster on November 16, 2013.

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