Coming down to just a few days, I will be running my first marathon. Like with all new things, there is always uncertainty about how well things will turn out. This time last year, I was working on the 1/2 marathon which had a combination of running and walking to help me across the finish line in 2 hours 48 minutes. I was beaming from all the hard work to reach that point that within a few days later, I decided to register for the full marathon.

After I completed my 1/2 marathon, I continued to run each month but with no great extend or effort until September.

February 43.4 11:01, March 34.7 13:34, April 43.9 12:19, May 48.5 12:07, June 26.9 12:17, July 21.8 11:45 August 36.9 12:11, September 50.7 13:10, October 60.4 11:53, November 51.4 11:25, 52.2 11:49 and now 84.8 11:43 with this a few more days to go to break 100 miles in January.

As you just read are the total miles for each month and the average time for the runs. What changed in September was a change in my diet or my daily intake. I started to drink a shit load of chocolate milk after my runs which is usually a quart each time. I also ate greek yogurt for the high protein content and tried different ones from Chobani, Dannon Oikos, and Publix. Dannon was the most creamyand not so thick compared to Chobani. Publix brand was good except for the splitting of the fruit in a separate compartment which at times my spoon did not fit to scoop it out. Overall, the greek yogurt was a big plus. I also had more oatmeal, bananas, pasta and various caffeine drinks for the extra boost before runs. The last couple of months I tried to limit the soda intake which gave me migraines from the withdrawal. I was able to ween myself and started to drink more water, juice, and Gatorade. Having this new type of fuel, I pushed myself to run more, faster, and farther.

On average runs last year, I would run for 15 minutes, rest for 1 minute and repeat the cycle. Having had these training wheels for such a long time, I pushed myself to run straight for 3 miles, then 4, 5, and 6 miles in the later part of the year. Early in January, I ran my fastest 10k at 1:05:57. Next, I ran farthest to date at 15.5 miles which lasted almost 3.5 hours which was my longest run time. A couple of weeks ago, I did the same 13.1 distance but at a much quicker rate. I bet my time 1/2 marathon time by 18 minutes. I ran 13.1 at 2.5 hours. As a rule of thumb, to calculate the time to run a full marathon, you take your 1/2 run time multiple it by two and some time after for any delay. So, I am looking at a 5+ hour marathon run and that’s what I’m shooting for.

The other issue I had to consider was the battery life to my iPhone. After the 1/2 marathon, my phone was about to die and I had not found my wife after the race but course I did a short time later. Nonetheless, I nearly ran for 3 hours and doing a full marathon is going to be much, longer. I started to look into battery chargers that I would be able to carry and charge along the way. There were various “lipstick” iPhone chargers which were light enough but I would have to use a USB cord. The solution was something I saw online which was a iPhone battery case. The case itself was the battery which would extend the life the battery without a tether. Prices would range from $50 – $80 which I had to save up for. Lucky for me, Groupon was selling an Unu iPhone Battery Cases for $30. This was a no brainer and I’ve tried running with it several times. While there is a bit more weight to the device, the solution is well worth the extra weight consider what I will be doing and to stay in contact in case of emergency.

Next, I had to upgrade my footwear. After my 1/2 marathon, I went to Footworks on Miami Beach to buy my 13.1 sticker for my car. I had talked briefly with the sales clerk about what I did and planned to do for the future. Several weeks ago, I went back to Footworks to do my feet justice. I was given great customer service, tried on several pairs and even had my running pace analyzed. I settled on a pair of running shoes from Brooks; which I never heard of before. What stood out from them apart from Nike and New Balance was the front end of the shoe. The front end had a bit if a lift and not just being flat on my feet. I tried running with them with one shoe from Brooks and the other from New Balance. The feel was amazing with Brooks as they had the extra kick them when I pushed off with the front of the shoe. I have worked hard to break them in and ran almost 80 miles to date. I have felt a great difference overall.

The last bit of information are my earbuds. One of the problems with the apple earbuds with all the running I have done, the sweat has destroyed them to the point where they are inaudible. As such, I kept running with them until I had a Best Buy gift card to buy new ones. Having done some research, I decided on getting Yurbuds Inspire. The earbuds are the same as others but they have a silicone case that fits in the ear better for runners. I have run for several months and I’ve no problems with the audio quality or having them pop out during running. However, as I’ve taken off the silicone case to clean them, I noticed they are not holding on to the earbud itself as much as before. As a result, I lost one of the cases and had to order a replacement. I did order them several weeks ago and I’m getting beyond nervous as I will have to use another pair of earbuds from apple. Luckily, the I found a new pair of earbuds that came out with the iPhone 5. Worst case, I will use them but I would rather use my Yurbuds.

Well, there you have it. I have done a great deal of work in the past year. I’ve updated my gear to help me along this journey that I never thought I would be on. So, fingers crossed and wish me well. I’ll update my blog after the race.


~ by The Monster on January 29, 2014.

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