Before and After Life

before and after life


I don’t know where this is going but it started with something that happened today while at the library. I was working at the circulation desk when patron informed me that something happened to a homeless man in a wheelchair in the park across the street. He tried to wake up the man but there was no response. He believed this man had died and since he had no cell phone, he wanted me to call the police on this matter. I didn’t call immediately but I sought out my supervisor first and tell him of the situation. He went out to check and then made the call to the police.

When I got off the desk on the first floor, I went upstairs to my next shift on the desk. I decided to look at the view and saw the crime scene unit was there and had covered the homeless man. As more official came, things moved ever more quicker. With in a short amount of time, the police and all those involved moved along to the next case they had to work on. I decided to take a second picture of the exact scene and as you can see, it was as if nothing happened at all. My original version of this blog entry talk more about our own existence with scifi metaphors and unfortunately, it got erased.

I’ll talk about these scifi references with today’s events but I’m a bit worn from the day. Also, I wanted record this. I had too. I wanted to remember that a man died in this park and unless I remember it, it will be as if nothing happened. I wanted this image will live on in the internet.

Be excellent to each other. Life is too short.


~ by The Monster on February 8, 2014.

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