What me worry???

Once more, what does the fates have stored for me and my colleagues? If you look below, there are three different budget scenarios which highlights what can be accomplished and the consequences.


The worst case scenario: If things remain the same as in no increases in the millage rate (which we get our funding from) we are beyond shit creek. We are already in the hole by $20 million from raiding last year’s reserves. Today, there are no reserves to tap into. Aside from the reduction in hours, staff will be severely impacted. The budget alone for staffing this year is already around $30 million. We can not operate a library system this way.

Still Bad

The not as worse but as not great scenario: The increase in millage is helpful in many areas. Yet, staff will be reduced almost 25%.

I'm still screwed

The you have got to be shitting me scenario: Even with the increase in the millage, which some commissioners are advocating, there are still going to be layoffs of 91 full time employees. As in the past, I will count myself as I still and will never have enough seniority in my position to keep it.

So, regardless of the any of these scenarios, I’m fucked.

Thank you very much.




~ by The Monster on May 15, 2014.

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