Coming in 2015, Page 49 the Podcast.


Having neglected my library blog for some time, I want to make more contributions as well as do more reading. One of the ways to meet this goal is to create a podcast along with this blog. This podcast will be mainly done by me and on my lunch break when I am not running. The run time should be less than 30 minutes and the topics will vary. For example, the first one will talk about the Sony hack and The Interview. I’ll be reviewing The Interview movie as well as the Pyongyang graphic novel. This graphic novel, which the library owns, was going to be made into a movie with Steve Carell in 2015. However, since Sony decided not to show The Interview and then later reversed their decision, the Pyongyang adaptation was cancelled in light of the Sony hacking scandal. All future podcast will tie in to the library somehow as a resource or as a starting off point in the topic. Also, I’ll be talking about my upcoming library comic con event as well as my writing projects using; which is another library resource. By doing this podcast, I can be just as creative professionally as well as personally.

Here’s to wishing a bright and fulfilling 2015.


~ by The Monster on December 26, 2014.

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