It took 3,597 Post-it notes to make these \’Star Wars\’ murals – CNET


It has been a couple of years since I’ve done a huge and really creative display like the one I did for the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who. Click here to see what I am referring to. This year, the display chosen would be of Star Wars as seen in the picture above. While I am not making all four murals the best one to make would be Vader. Having said this and doing this are two separate things.

First, any library wall space in my Young Adult section already has framed artwork that can not be removed. The windows were another option to consider but rather being a large pane of glass, the window has large vertical frames which dashes another option. Before going further, let me begin with this post it note below.

post it note

As you can see, this is a typical 3″x3″ yellow post it note. When I enlarged the Vader picture, I counted how many across and down. There 25 post it notes across and 33 down. If my math served me will this meant that width of the picture is 6.25 feet by 8.25 feel in length; now that’s huge. If I went down to the 2″ post it note, I can shrink it down to 4.16 feet width by 5.50 feet in length. This seems more manageable in scale but my worries would be the colors that I need will not be available in the smaller size.

Let’s say for argument sake, I can do either size without any worries about color, post it notes don’t work on several surfaces. The wall textures have a glossy coat plus the wall is not smooth. The option my branch manager came up with was to either use poster board or those large sheets of paper used for drawing or presentations.

As of now, I haven’t done anything yet. Come this Sunday which I have to work, my old co-worker who helped with the Dr. Who Tardis door, will be assisting me in the attempt. I will keep you post(it)ed on the progress so that you can do this as well at your library.

Wouldn’t we all love to have massive “Star Wars” murals depicting our favorite characters decorating our office spaces? Employees at UK office supply retailer Viking did something about this desire, creating an elaborate series of murals using an unusual paint brush: Post-it notes.

Source: It took 3,597 Post-it notes to make these \’Star Wars\’ murals – CNET


~ by The Monster on September 10, 2015.

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