Banned Book Display 2015


It’s the most magical of the _______. My 3rd go around with Banned Books displays is to not repeat what I need last year. However, my time has become less and less to creating something new. Last year, I created a book burning scene using yellow, orange and red paper. banned books display fire

The problem with the display was the amount time it took to cut out the flames. On top of that, the display tower was three-sided and with the work it went into cutting, I decided to do just one side. The other two sides I wrapped the books in brown paper and the other side there were no books – just this sign. Click here if you want to look at that signage. This year, I wanted to scale back.

I’ve looked online at Pinterest at Banned Book Week displays. For the most part, I liked what other libraries have done but I kept feeling that a police lineup of banned books would be the easiest to do. I wanted to do a long lineup but I don’t have the patience to make lines so I decided to use Word. As you can see below in the pictures of me working through this display.

Now, the books used in the last three pages are only there to give you an idea of what I wanted this display to look like. None of these books are banned. The next step is to find hardcover books that have been banned and figure out a way to make it a sign being held by criminals while taking their mug shots pics. I’ll make another entry soon on my blog when I’ve figured it out.


~ by The Monster on September 24, 2015.

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