Things Are A-changin’ for me

The-Flash-season-2-new-costume-posterA handful of people know this bit of information but soon I will be transferred to another regional library. I am more than grateful for this news as my commute to work will be greatly reduced. No more will I have the morning like I had today which took me almost 1hr 20mins to get to work. I’ve wasted a great deal of time to traffic in Miami.

Coming to work at Miami Beach Regional Library for almost three years has been a great experience. In those years, I have been able to do 2 presentation at a library conference, pushed my origami and library display skills, and continued with my podcasts – The Monster Scifi Show and Page 49. In addition, I had improved the YA section as well as an increase in attendance and participation in our library programs. While I will miss seeing the Makerspace at my branch, I will be close to a new YouMedia facility which I plan to snoop around and learn some new skills. Life will be better for me.

However, I have come down with Plantar Fasciitis which is an injury that affects the sole of my foot. This has stopped my running for now. In time, with rest, stretching and medication, I can overcome this problem. Soon, I will be running in a new location with hopefully a lot more shading.

So like The Flash above, I am waiting for the official day to come but when it comes I’ll be more than ready for what may come.


~ by The Monster on October 1, 2015.

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