I have a problem

Yesterday was my first day at my new branch. Like my last branch, this a regional library but bigger than my assignment on the beach. Before coming, I spoke with the branch manager who moved me in the YA (Young Adults) department because of my strong interests. Since I’ve done many self-directed projects to manage the section over the years, I know what worked and what didn’t at my old branch but after looking at my section first hand, I have a problem; actually two problems.


Alright, this first picture gives you a sense of what the YA section looks like. This place is on the first floor with the circulation desk off to the left. The first large bay has YA Fiction hardcovers in the beginning and trade paperbacks at the end. Past the pink door, the smaller bay are Classics. The connecting bay is YA Non Fiction. The pillar that has the clock, there is a plexiglass rack in the right which you can slightly make out and a cart with anime dvds. There’s not much in the way of signage although there is one off camera and right above the picture. There is no furniture. I want to say there will be something there but I just don’t know. That’s problem one.


This next shot, continuing with the pan to the right, the last bay has all the YA mangas. On the right side of the picture, is problem two. Behold, what mystery lies behind these clear doors?

IMG_1713YouMedia is being created which is wonderful and creative space for teens to have fun and explore. They will have gaming, Mac computers and in the far background, the bay window next to the left door, is a recording booth, I assume. Yes, I am lucky to have this problem but I am competing within my own library. Plus, YouMedia will not always be open because of school hours. When it does open, there will be a limit to the amount of teens that will be there. However, what about the overflow, if any?

I need to make plans within plans to make this YA section work. I am currently withdrawing books from the section because of the space limitation. In my head, I’m thinking that the problem with the space limitations is because nothing is getting checked out. There are no catchy book displays to grab your attention and frankly; the space does not look inviting. Once I get through this week and print up some inventory reports, I’ll begin making some plans and document them along the way.


~ by The Monster on October 15, 2015.

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