Where Have I Been Lately?

That’s a real good question to ask. Not to say, that you, the reader of this blog entry asked this question but rather, I’ve been away from this blog for some time. Like with the many balls that I’m juggling, plus two of my own, I’ve tried to refocus myself by myself. I’ve taken a two week break from podcasting due to other commitments. I must say, I do miss recording my show only because I really enjoy the process; more on that later.

Since I’ve been transferred to another regional library, running as been a problem; schedule wise. I’ve tried to run both before and after work plus I’ve been sick and injured my lower back which prevented me from going past 3.11 miles (5K). I’ve restarted the Couch25K app at least twice this year. This past week, I’ve decided to run during my lunch. While I have a shorter lunch break than last year, this will help with my weight issues and save some money in the process. So rather than going out to eat crap, I’ll eat at home more and bring food with me to work to help fuel my run. While I do miss running on the beach, it felt great to work out my anxiety about everything even with a simple 2 mile run. The goal I’m setting for myself is to get to the 5k by the end of June and to push myself to do 5 miles in 50 minutes. In my top form a couple of years ago, I was able to get it to about 53 minutes. Whether I do 5 3/mile runs or 3 5/mile runs, I want to get in 15 miles per week or 60 miles per month. It can be achieved but I have to get back into a set routine to make this work. In fact, below is pic of me proving running on the day of this post.


Putting running aside, I need to get back to this blog, Page 49 and The Monster Scifi Show, and write. I’m also part of Movie Pilot which I only have one entry there. My posting consists of mainly my podcast which, in fairness, was inconsistent in the past couple of years. I’ve committed myself to do my Scifi show at least once a week with me talking about Scifi news for the week. The bigger shows with movie reviews will happen maybe once or twice a month depending on what’s playing in the theaters. The Page 49 Podcast is a slow work in progress. The last one I did was with two other librarians which we talked about Batman and Superman before their movie was released. Now, if I can do this on a semi basis, I think I can get a good following but I need to get back to the heart of the blog and write like before.

When I was in school, it was much easier to keep a blog of what I was reading or doing in class. I maintained it for a bit at my last library assignment on the beach. I would post interesting reference questions, app reviews or just things that happened at the branch. Since my new branch does have the same reference demands, I have to go back writing on this blog. There are plenty of things to keep myself busy professionally and keep myself challenged at the same time.

Lastly, reading has to become part of my everyday world. Yes, I read. I read a lot but when it comes to books no. I want to read the entire Dune series which I’ve only read a couple of books as well as finishing the Harry Potter series. I’ve read just a few books and stopped watching the movies with the Order of the Phoenix. I don’t know how it ends nor have I played the Harry Potter game for the Deathly Hallows for my X-Box 360. That tells you how long it has been.

As for the podcast, Page 49 will continue as I’m hoping to get the library involved into doing podcasting. I will be looking at ways to get new ideas for shows such as interviewing a guest who came to library to do an origami workshop. Also, we have a library program which is being worked on for the upcoming Harry Potter book The Cursed Child. I just have to keep after myself to make things happen. So, if I get back to my running and writing plus continue with my podcasting, I should be better overall mentally and physically. I know this may seem to be a lot of work but I can’t see myself doing anything less at this point.


~ by The Monster on May 29, 2016.

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