Where Have I Been Lately?

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That’s a real good question to ask. Not to say, that you, the reader of this blog entry asked this question but rather, I’ve been away from this blog for some time. Like with the many balls that I’m juggling, plus two of my own, I’ve tried to refocus myself by myself. I’ve taken a two week break from podcasting due to other commitments. I must say, I do miss recording my show only because I really enjoy the process; more on that later.

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The Page 49 Podcast – YOUmedia

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Welcome to 2016 and episode number three of my library podcast – Page 49.

For this episode, I have two guests Colin and Jameliya from YOUmedia. They are part of a special and unique teen component in the South Dade Regional Library.

What is YOUmedia? That my friends is why you should listen to my podcast.

I have a problem

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Yesterday was my first day at my new branch. Like my last branch, this a regional library but bigger than my assignment on the beach. Before coming, I spoke with the branch manager who moved me in the YA (Young Adults) department because of my strong interests. Since I’ve done many self-directed projects to manage the section over the years, I know what worked and what didn’t at my old branch but after looking at my section first hand, I have a problem; actually two problems.


Alright, this first picture gives you a sense of what the YA section looks like. This place is on the first floor with the circulation desk off to the left. The first large bay has YA Fiction hardcovers in the beginning and trade paperbacks at the end. Past the pink door, the smaller bay are Classics. The connecting bay is YA Non Fiction. The pillar that has the clock, there is a plexiglass rack in the right which you can slightly make out and a cart with anime dvds. There’s not much in the way of signage although there is one off camera and right above the picture. There is no furniture. I want to say there will be something there but I just don’t know. That’s problem one.


This next shot, continuing with the pan to the right, the last bay has all the YA mangas. On the right side of the picture, is problem two. Behold, what mystery lies behind these clear doors?

IMG_1713YouMedia is being created which is wonderful and creative space for teens to have fun and explore. They will have gaming, Mac computers and in the far background, the bay window next to the left door, is a recording booth, I assume. Yes, I am lucky to have this problem but I am competing within my own library. Plus, YouMedia will not always be open because of school hours. When it does open, there will be a limit to the amount of teens that will be there. However, what about the overflow, if any?

I need to make plans within plans to make this YA section work. I am currently withdrawing books from the section because of the space limitation. In my head, I’m thinking that the problem with the space limitations is because nothing is getting checked out. There are no catchy book displays to grab your attention and frankly; the space does not look inviting. Once I get through this week and print up some inventory reports, I’ll begin making some plans and document them along the way.

Things Are A-changin’ for me

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The-Flash-season-2-new-costume-posterA handful of people know this bit of information but soon I will be transferred to another regional library. I am more than grateful for this news as my commute to work will be greatly reduced. No more will I have the morning like I had today which took me almost 1hr 20mins to get to work. I’ve wasted a great deal of time to traffic in Miami.

Coming to work at Miami Beach Regional Library for almost three years has been a great experience. In those years, I have been able to do 2 presentation at a library conference, pushed my origami and library display skills, and continued with my podcasts – The Monster Scifi Show and Page 49. In addition, I had improved the YA section as well as an increase in attendance and participation in our library programs. While I will miss seeing the Makerspace at my branch, I will be close to a new YouMedia facility which I plan to snoop around and learn some new skills. Life will be better for me.

However, I have come down with Plantar Fasciitis which is an injury that affects the sole of my foot. This has stopped my running for now. In time, with rest, stretching and medication, I can overcome this problem. Soon, I will be running in a new location with hopefully a lot more shading.

So like The Flash above, I am waiting for the official day to come but when it comes I’ll be more than ready for what may come.

Banned Books 2015 Part 2

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And now finale. This was something came to me after not finding options online to create a mugshot with signage.


Since I copied and pasted the reasons for the banned books, these bookmarks were going to be the stiff backing I needed for the paper.



I then had to resort to using a book holder. I originally wanted all the hardcover books to stand on their own by where was I going to put the placard? The front of the book holder was the perfect solution plus using tape on the back to secure it.


Here are the back and side views of the placard taped to book holder. So, it’s not a hard display to make except I had to do this 14x more. Below are more pics of the finished product. Next time, I can add some more touches to the bookmark placard to make it look more official. Hope you like what I did.

Banned Book Display 2015

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It’s the most magical of the _______. My 3rd go around with Banned Books displays is to not repeat what I need last year. However, my time has become less and less to creating something new. Last year, I created a book burning scene using yellow, orange and red paper. banned books display fire

The problem with the display was the amount time it took to cut out the flames. On top of that, the display tower was three-sided and with the work it went into cutting, I decided to do just one side. The other two sides I wrapped the books in brown paper and the other side there were no books – just this sign. Click here if you want to look at that signage. This year, I wanted to scale back.

I’ve looked online at Pinterest at Banned Book Week displays. For the most part, I liked what other libraries have done but I kept feeling that a police lineup of banned books would be the easiest to do. I wanted to do a long lineup but I don’t have the patience to make lines so I decided to use Word. As you can see below in the pictures of me working through this display.

Now, the books used in the last three pages are only there to give you an idea of what I wanted this display to look like. None of these books are banned. The next step is to find hardcover books that have been banned and figure out a way to make it a sign being held by criminals while taking their mug shots pics. I’ll make another entry soon on my blog when I’ve figured it out.

Police officials say downtown library branch is draining resources, ‘culture change’ needed – Omaha.com: OMAHA METRO

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The image of a library being a quiet place is frankly outdated. Sure, librarians are expected to go into shushing mode with a loud SSSSHHHH to quell any noise and disruptions. Maybe a long time ago, in a galaxy…never mind, the reality is some libraries have to deal with more issue than telling some noisy kids to keep the noise level down. In my branch, we have to deal with a great number of homeless patrons and sometimes we have situations where the police have had to be called.

Now, based on what I’ve read, the impression I got is that the police are called way too many times. What the article doesn’t mention is why are the police being called. I want to give the benefit of the doubt to the library staff that are maintaining a presence throughout the library. Now, the problem could be that staff members are doing the jobs but their patrons are acting beyond the control of the library. Hence, the need of the police. If the police are being called out on every little situation then that needs to change and agree with the article that staffer need to have better control over the library via an action plan.

The ideal situation for a library is not having the problem in the first place but how do you get there? Be proactive and not reactive to situation. Staff members can do a simple walk through the library and get a sense of what is happening. If along the way there is a situation, that librarian can de-escalate a situation by assessing and addressing the problem. By no means does this mean having an encounter which leads to something physical. If there is a threat of violence, police is the immediate action but in lesser interaction the staff has to enforce the code of conduct and the different levels of enforcement.

I would love to work in a library branch where the only issue are patrons not wanting to leave and that is a good thing. The library means a great deal to many people and some see the library as their place of respite. I totally understand that and more than anything I want those patrons to enjoy their experience but not at the cost of others.

Frequent disturbances, rowdy behavior and even reports of sex in the stairwell spurred Omaha police to ask library officials Wednesday to clean up the downtown library.

Police Chief Todd Schmaderer and Capt. Katherine Belcastro-Gonzalez told the Omaha Public Library Board that the branch is draining police resources.

Source: Police officials say downtown library branch is draining resources, ‘culture change’ needed – Omaha.com: OMAHA METRO

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